Spider police

Doodle showing a police spider chasing a criminal spider.

Asked my 4-year-old what to draw. “A spider thief!” she said. “And then the police spider comes in his spider police car!” “But what has the spider thief stolen?” I asked. She got a worried look on her face. “ALL the presents.”

Random prompt: Miniature boxer

Sketch of a man clutching his face in pain, reeling back from a microscope. There is a tiny figure standing in the microscope’s sample dish.

Was doing some 1-minute sketches from random prompts, when this stupid gag came out of nowhere.

Drawings and doodles: Fantasy Map Complete

Drawing of a landscape based on a child’s imagination. It has a racetrack, fire engines, unicorns, pirates, and a giant, robot alligator.

Managed to fill the entire A4 sheet, in the end.

Close up of drawing, next to some pencils. (The details in the drawing are pretty small.)

Some pencils, for scale.

Finished the big doodle map. That was fun!

(Previous updates: part one and part two)

Drawings and doodles: Fantasy Map, Part 2

Colorful pencil drawing of various cretins

Mice and giraffes and a treasure, oh my!

Got a few more minutes down on my daughter’s fantasy map tonight. Love that little fiddle-playing creature, it came out of one of her scribbles.

(Previously | Finished map)

Figure drawing, Jan. 4th

Montage of quick figure sketches

30-second, 1-minute and 5-minute studies from reference images. (Montage)

Figure drawings, sketches with watercolor marker and tech pen.

A couple of longer studies, broke out the watercolor markers. (Montage)

More figure sketches from reference photos. (Found another great source of pics at characterdesigns.com)

Still have very little idea what I’m doing; just drawing off photos feels like learning a new language by parroting the TV or learning to cook something by blindly following a recipe. (Both good first steps, though.) Will have to dive into the anatomy books to get a better feel for the underlying shapes and proportions.

Figure drawing, Jan. 3rd

Figure drawing sketch

Pigma Micron 02 on spiral notebook paper – if I’m ever going to fulfill the other goal of drawing every day, I gotta use whatever’s at hand! Love that pen, though.

Same new year’s resolution every year: gonna up my figure drawing game! Found some of the sketches I copied off of Loomis’ “Figure Drawing...”, those were from 2020. Didn’t draw that much last year, I guess.

Tonight I did a quick sketch of a random image from the SketchDaily Reference Site. Not great, but the point is to return to these after some time and (hopefully) laugh heartily at all the wonky proportions. Exercise baselines and whatnot.

Hoping I’ll find some local life drawing sessions this year.

Drawings and doodles: Fantasy Map, Part 1

Colored pencil sketch of a beach

Jan. 1st: Added a beach.

Colored pencil sketch of some Wild West bandits robbing a train

Jan 2nd: Added some train-robbin’ varmints.

Did some drawing with prompts from my 4-year-old during the holiday. Whenever she sat down to draw, I’d sit next to her and borrow some pencils. Over the last days, an A4 sheet of paper has been slowly filling with tiny doodles. I get a real kick out of her creativity, and she likes seeing my dumb interpretations of her ideas.

It’s so enjoyable to just play and tell silly stories with drawings this way! (I’m learning a lot, kids are way better at this than adults.)

(Future updates: part two, finished drawing)