Carl Rustung

My name is Carl. I’m a mid-thirties nobody who likes to draw. I sometimes use this website to post my doodles and collect stuff I think is interesting.

Here’s a drawing:

And here’s a selection of blog:

Isometric Prints

I thought I’d get back into linocutting and hand printing, and try to document the whole process.

Character Jam à la Barry

Was trying to pull off one of Lynda Barry’s class exercises on my own, but it was tricky. Spent an evening hacking together a substitute for friends so I could do a solo “Character Jam”.


The never-ending drawing. Sort of a doodling project, I add little details and characters to this isometric town drawing whenever I feel like it.

Timed drawings

Just started on a 15-week (15 years, with my tempo) program of creative exercises, taken from a book about cartooning. They range from spontaneous drawing to multi-page comic spreads. This week, I’ve been using a timer.

I ate’nt dead

Making excuses for not having updated this thing since August and rambling about creative cycles in the process.

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