Carl Rustung

Catching up

Missed the last weekly update, so this one’s extra long: It’s got Mayan art, victorian architecture, a drawing timelapse video and Mississippi towboats.

Newton’s Cradle

There’s no such thing as “cheating” to get through a complicated drawing, only tools! Whipped out some 3D software to help me with these spherical reflections.

Brush practice

This week: more amateur inking, some old videos, and articles about terraforming, grain elevators, and comics.

Inking practice

A pretty humdrum week, this one: experimenting with drawing, finished a sketchbook page, read some cool interviews with creative people.


Making pretend graffiti, what happens to knit gloves left on a tree, and some links to stories about video games.

Comics special

This week I’ve been crazy about comics, cartoonists and eBay shopping.

Week 1: Starting a habit

Still trying to get into the habit of writing weekly summaries of what I’m reading and making, here’s one for this year’s first week-and-a-half. It’s got spaceships and parrots.