Drawings and doodles: Fantasy Map Complete

Drawing of a landscape based on a child’s imagination. It has a racetrack, fire engines, unicorns, pirates, and a giant, robot alligator.

Managed to fill the entire A4 sheet, in the end.

Close up of drawing, next to some pencils. (The details in the drawing are pretty small.)

Some pencils, for scale.

Finished the big doodle map. That was fun!

(Previous updates: part one and part two)


3D globe inspiration

Some people have mistakenly said that the Metaverse itself was the inspiration, but it wasn’t for any of us as far as I know. John [Hanke] has publicly stated that the panoptic 3D “Earth” application from Snow Crash was the actual inspiration for him. Mark Aubin has said that the Powers of Ten movie and flipbook were an inspiration to him. I’d honestly been toying with the idea of 3D globes before I read Snow Crash around 1994. So I think this is more a case of multiple people converging at the right place and the right time with similar ideas.


If he were in some normal, stable part of the world like lower Manhattan, this would actually work in 3-D. Instead, he’s got to put up with two-dimensional satellite imagery.

Neal Stephenson
Snow Crash (1992)