A Group of Orca Outcasts Is Now Dominating an Entire Sea

“Killer whales that feast on seals and hunt in small packs are thriving while their widely beloved siblings are dying out.”

Fascinating article in the Atlantic about killer whale populations in Canada. Resident vs. transient whales, a short (and heart-breaking) history of capturing killer whales for aquarium exhibits (“children asked why the whales were crying”), and the work of marine biologists (and local populations) getting to know resident orcas as individuals.

Bored and lonely? Blame your phone.

“Our emotions today are radically different from what 19th-century Americans felt. That’s partly due to technology.”

The headline makes it sound like another “turn off your facebooks” article, but it’s a fascinating interview with Susan J. Matt about how we’ve talked about and related to boredom over the last couple of centuries.

I have forgotten how to read

“For a long time Michael Harris convinced himself that a childhood spent immersed in old-fashioned books would insulate him from our new media climate – that he could keep on reading in the old way because his mind was formed in pre-internet days. He was wrong.”

Small b blogging

Tom Critchlow has some inspiring ideas about what he calls small b blogging: “It’s a virtuous cycle of making interesting connections while also being a way to clarify and strengthen my own ideas. I’m not reaching a big audience by any measure but the direct impact and benefit is material.”