Work in progress


Flower modeling

Trying to make some simple flowers in Cinema 4D, thought I’d try something new. I’m experimenting with a hand-drawn look.

Peeking at a reference image, I drew some flower parts in Procreate.

Hand drawn texture map, diagram layout of flower parts.

After turning the drawing into a texture map, I could make a simple 3D model and UV map everything into place.

Screenshot from 3D modeling software showing a wireframe model of a flower, next to the rendered image with hand drawn texture maps.


Animated GIF: spinning turntable animation of textured flower model.

Purge ’21

It’s become tradition for me to redesign and/or rebuild this website at least once a year, dazzled by sparkly new technology or fed up with some feature that doesn’t work. This time it’s both, with some mental health issues on top.



Drawings and doodles: Fantasy Map, Part 2

Colorful pencil drawing of various cretins

Mice and giraffes and a treasure, oh my!

Got a few more minutes down on my daughter’s fantasy map tonight. Love that little fiddle-playing creature, it came out of one of her scribbles.

(Previously | Finished map)

Drawings and doodles: Fantasy Map, Part 1

Colored pencil sketch of a beach

Jan. 1st: Added a beach.

Colored pencil sketch of some Wild West bandits robbing a train

Jan 2nd: Added some train-robbin’ varmints.

Did some drawing with prompts from my 4-year-old during the holiday. Whenever she sat down to draw, I’d sit next to her and borrow some pencils. Over the last days, an A4 sheet of paper has been slowly filling with tiny doodles. I get a real kick out of her creativity, and she likes seeing my dumb interpretations of her ideas.

It’s so enjoyable to just play and tell silly stories with drawings this way! (I’m learning a lot, kids are way better at this than adults.)

(Future updates: part two, finished drawing)