I’m Carl, a middle-aged nobody, interested in making images and reading. I use this website to collect stuff I find interesting. From time to time, I share a bit of my own stuff, too.

I’ve worked with apps and webdesign for a long time (I began my professional career as a Flash developer!), and I was recently part of the UX team at a Norwegian newspaper for kids, which I enjoyed a lot. Right now I’m on a wonderful hiatus and looking for new opportunities.

I got a master’s degree in interaction design from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, where I did a diploma project about digital children’s books.

When I was younger I wished to be an art painter, music producer and/or illustrator. None of that quite came true, but at least it set me up with some fun hobbies! I’m also trying to learn how to read books again.

I live a short train ride from Oslo, with my partner and our two daughters.