Hi! My name is Carl Rustung. I’m a professional interaction designer who likes to make images. This is my blog.

I was born in 1984 in Oslo, Norway, and now live in a nearby town with my partner M and our little daughter.

I’ve always loved drawing and used to dream of working full-time as an illustrator, but never worked out how to make that happen. Still marvel at all the amazing professionals – I have no idea how they do it, creatively or businessly. In my case, I suspect I’m happier doodling away in my spare time, anyway. (So there.)

Instead, I make my living as an interaction designer. I finished my master’s degree in 2018: an essay about interactive children’s books and shared reading, accompanied by a fully working prototype for an iPhone-iPad pairing.

Right now I’m working with an exciting edTech project for a Norwegian children’s newspaper.

This blog is my attempt to write weekly updates about things that interest me and share whatever images I’ve managed to make.