Carl Rustung


“The Multiplayer Storybook” explores shared reading on digital devices, and how to design an interactive storybook with a focus on shared reading. The project concludes in a set of ideas and guidelines for what should be expected and required of such a product, as well as an interactive framework prototype.

An open-ended project from the beginning, it examines current research on shared reading and children’s media, and explores ways in which to apply that research when designing an interactive children’s book. It did not start out as a response to established problems or needs (keeping in mind that they might not even exist), instead looking for possibilities, potential and opportunities through research and testing. The project has followed a (somewhat unpredictable) “design-by-doing” process, explorative in the sense that the specifications for the final delivery were formed during the project, through sketching and prototype work.

The final leg of the project was used to develop a prototype based on these specifications, to test the ideas from this thesis on real users. The prototype is the beginning of a multiplayer storybook, featuring a branching story with interactive role play for two participants, told simultaneously on two devices.