Carl Rustung

With the exception of one master thesis, these are mostly spare time “projects” that I post updates about from time to time.

Banana Yellow Sketchbook

Sketches from my current (2017–) Moleskine pocket sketchbook. My goal is to become a daily sketcher, for now it’s just a drawing or two once on a while.


The never-ending drawing. Sort of a doodling project, I add little details and characters to this isometric town drawing whenever I feel like it.

Green Wizard

I’m trying to get a feel for the process of making comics, so I’m drawing some practice strips featuring a lazy wizard and documenting it along the way.

Isometric Prints

I thought I’d get back into linocutting and hand printing, and try to document the whole process.

The Multiplayer Storybook

I spent the first half of 2018 writing my master thesis at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. This is the end result, an explorative study about digital children’s books.