Carl Rustung

Pipes and catwalks and a couple of ominous vats.

Having a lot of fun with this industrial environment! This was going to be the template for another lino print, but had to scrap that idea. I don’t think I’ll be able to replicate this with carving tools at A4 size. No worries, though: I’m making it a two-color RISO print instead, as that’s been on my bucket list for a while.

Still just a background, I’m going to add some characters to this next. The missing panel on the catwalk and those big vats near the bottom are going to come into play. I’m aiming for something that could be a frame from a ”Weird Science”-like comic — probably going to add some monsters to this one, too.

Timelapse video

This timelapse from Procreate doesn’t work as well as the snakes one; I’m working with a lot of layers and focusing on single elements, it’s a bit disorienting. At least it captures my struggle keeping track of depths (pesky isometric perspective) when laying down pipes.

Up next: Populating those catwalks with some peeps and creeps.