Carl Rustung

Snakes and stairs and bowler hats.

This is going to be my first attempt at a two-color lino print. I drew it in Procreate on the iPad, using the built-in isometric drawing guides. Going for a classic color scheme with red, black, and white already gone ahead and ordered some nice, archival inks in black and “scarlet red”.

It started with a composition of stairs and different levels (as is tradition), to which I added some rather oversized snakes. There’s some artistic license, but they are inspired by milk snakes and their fitting color scheme.

The image was a bit boring with just snakes and stairs, so I added some bowler-hatted gents. They are inspired by the cliché symbol for the 60s “middle-class everyman” as painted by Magritte — when dabbling with surrealism, might as well tip the hat to one of the masters!

I guess you could interpret it as a rant against “the pointlessness of bullshit jobs” (or take a Freudian stab at my penis fixation), but I’m not trying to express anything, just doing a technical exercise hoping it yields something cool in the end.

Timelapse video

Coming up: Copying the line and color layers to linoleum plates and stabbing my hands with carving tools!