Carl Rustung

I thought I’d get back into linocutting and hand printing, and try to document the whole process.

It’s a lot of work to draw and hand-carve a good lino print, but all the more rewarding to see the final print come out well. Not to mention a hundred, there’s something deeply satisfying about mass producing something by hand. (Maybe it’s the fantasy of making good enough prints to sell ─ it’d be like printing money!)

It’s slow going (as usual), but I imagine it will go something like this:

  1. I’ll draw some images and make digital files for each print color.
  2. Supposedly, I can print these on my laser printer and transfer the toner images to linoleum plates via some acetone and vigorous rubbing.
  3. Using the transferred drawings as a guide, I can carve out the image.
  4. I’ll have to somehow print the color passes perfectly on top of each other (in printing terms, what is known as “registration”). It seems pretty dang hard, never tried it before. Great opportunity to make mistakes and learn a lot!
  5. Print print print! Might experiment with different papers.
  6. Give the prints away to anyone interested.

I’ve started on a couple of drawings, but already got carried away with one of them and kept drawing at a detail level I don’t think I have the skills to replicate (clumsily) with carving tools. Still, getting something printed on a RISO-printer is also on the creative bucket list, so it might be a good candidate for that instead!