Carl Rustung

Busted out a pad of transparent paper to get a feel for the “old-school ways” of making comics and non-digital inking.


Still experimenting with comics. Never found a good groove for taking drawings beyond roughs and sketches, except inking right over them or doing it digitally. The final drawings often seem to lose something in the process, making me like them a lot less than the initial scratchings. Digital drafts can be cool, but it’s hard to avoid losing the hand-drawn quality I’m after.

Went old-school this week, using transparent paper to ink a test panel. First one out was using a technical pen (my trusted Sakura Micron 02) and drawing at 1:1 scale.

Trying to find some sort of new style, so next up is enlarging the sketches to 1,5x or 2x their size, then ink’em with a brush pen as well as the Micron. Heck, I might even bring out the old dip pen while I’m at it! To be continued, in any case.