Brush practice

This week: experimenting with brush pens and panel sizes.

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Did some of the experiments I wrote about last week. Testing inking on tracing paper, this week I scanned the pencil sketch and enlarged it to 2x and 1,5x the original size (78x62 mm, arbitrary panel size that fits well in my small sketchbook), then scaled it back down to see what difference it’d make to the line style. My target is capturing a certain feel, not drawing pretty.

I was sure I’d come up with this exercise myself, but (like the earlier quickies) it’s inspired by Brunetti’s “Cartooning”:

...and this quote from Kirchner:

Anyway, this is the result:

Top left: Pencil sketch | Top right: Last week’s 1x tech pen drawing | Bottom left: Drawn at 2x size with brush pen | Bottom right: Drawn at 1,5x size with brush and tech pens.

Still trying to improve my skills with anything brush-like, but I think the 2x brush panel (bottom left) already looks a lot more interesting than the 1x tech pen panel (top right).

Maybe it was simply because I’d warmed up at this point, but something clicked with the second attempt, and the shackles came off. The double-up size was more comfortable, but I guess half-up is still big enough for me to splat my brush around, but too small to give me any ideas about precision brushing. The first drawing is lifeless and the second suffers from unconfident strokes, but the last one feels more genuine to me – still sloppy brush work, but at least it’s starting to look like I own it.