Carl Rustung

Making pretend graffiti.

Some of the cool kids in my junior high school class were into graffiti, and at times asked me to join them on their adventures. I told them the truth: “Just because I drew those big-bosomed machine gun ladies last week, doesn’t mean I’m any good at graffiti.” Also, I was a giant nerd and terrified of doing something illegal. Some of these kids were tag-designing, can-control savants, but I could never get the hang of any of that.

...which is a long-winded way to make excuses for these pieces for my Clamberville-project. I was never meant to be out there “bombing” subway trains and underpasses, but it’s fun to pretend and do two-minute throw-ups by CRAMP, FROG and the infamous BUMBO.

Drawing shitty graffiti in Procreate on the iPad.