Digital gardening


I;m thinking about thos Notes

Still trying to figure out the ideal personal knowledge base, and trying to migrate years of bookmarks from over to this page in a way that makes sense. I already implemented bookmarks, but it’s different. Right now they are meant as hooks to hang quotes and notes on, while the pinboard links feel more throw-away; many are to handy resources or single images or whatever, pages that encourage neither quoting or noting.

I’m using link dumps as one way of porting them, even trying to sort some by theme. Was just trying to do one about color, but it turned out there wasn’t really enough links to make a whole thing out of it, so the philosophy of digital gardening kicked in: “this can be the starting point, to which I can add more color-related links later!”

But a note doesn’t seem like the right vehicle for that kind of thing; a note should be it’s own, self-contained item. Notes should be categorized, not house categories. So I started thinking: “Maybe I can add a document type for collecting items with a similar theme...”, but wait! I already have that: my catalog of tags.

I keep running into the same problem of balance: automated collections miss a certain personal touch, while curating collections gets too involved.

The beauty of is that almost everything is a document, and documents can contain whatever. So it finally dawned on me: my tags already have several fields for metadata, there’s nothing stopping me from expanding them with optional fields for curation of content.

TODO, then: Add optional rich content fields to tags for adding general descriptions and featuring items. Maybe some kind of page to cater for certain tag combos would be handy, too?