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Show Your Work!

Book cover for Show Your Work!
Written byAustin Kleon
Publish date2013
PublisherWorkman Publishing


The Endless Struggle of the About Page

Daniel Benneworth-Gray on the neurotic thought processes that go into writing an “About”-page for a personal website.

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Disembodied Sandi Toksvig

And then there's the big question that all Aboutists must wrestle sooner to later: which perspective to stump for? Go for first person and risk sounding like a complete egomaniac – I did this, I am this, I do this, look at me, look at me. Write in third person and sound like … well, a regular maniac. Who is this disembodied narrator hovering over your work? Morgan Freeman? Sandi Toksvig? Oh right, it's just you, hiding behind a curtain and putting on a serious voice.