Carl Rustung

Personal website reproduction

Unlike other animals that are seen or heard mainly at mating time, personal websites do not reveal their presence in this manner, because they do not mate. Instead, they reproduce asexually. Some produce offspring by budding, a plantlike characteristic. Many, if not most, also exhibit another plantlike characteristic. They sprinkle their spoors (technically, known as hyperlinks) over the floor of the Internet jungle in the hope of being one day chanced upon by an Internet user and ingested. Though ingestion rarely occurs, when it does, through some process not well understood by present-day science, the Internet user is occasionally induced to create his own personal website. This website is then free to bud under the careful attention and care of the host Internet user, who has now been transformed into an entity sometimes known as a "developer", though developer is not an especially well-defined designator. At the proper time, the new website naturally begins to produce its own spoors, and its life cycle repeats.