Carl Rustung

All the quotes from the Cardfile, with the items they reference.

DateQuoteReference to
Oct 27, 2020Just another thing on the internetHow the Awful Stuff Won (Bookmark)
Aug 30, 2020Personal website reproductionHunting the Nearly-Invisible Personal Website (Bookmark)
Aug 20, 2020Hieronymus & Bosch review
Aug 20, 2020The Men who Fooled Hitler
Aug 20, 2020Kirchner on visual storytelling
Aug 20, 2020Trying to earn money
Jul 8, 2020Information overloadHow technology literally changes our brains (Bookmark)
Jul 7, 2020Time disappears
Jul 7, 2020Ordinary superpower
Jul 7, 2020Glaser on professionalism
Jul 7, 2020Glaser on drawing
Jun 11, 2020Magical scientist abilityMetaphor: the Alchemy of Thought (Bookmark)
Jun 11, 2020The power of metaphorMetaphor: the Alchemy of Thought (Bookmark)
Jun 11, 2020Metaphier and metaphrandMetaphor: the Alchemy of Thought (Bookmark)
Jun 11, 2020Creative spark
Jun 2, 2020Farnham Street Note-taking tips
Jun 2, 2020Adler on reading
Jun 2, 2020Conversation as book reading metaphor
May 31, 2020Zettelkasten for notes
May 28, 2020Book cover design
May 27, 2020Indo-European ant roots
May 12, 2020Bored and lonelyBored and lonely? Blame your phone. (Bookmark)
May 12, 2020Devices altering emotionsBored and lonely? Blame your phone. (Bookmark)
May 12, 2020Journal as writing practice
May 12, 2020Too good
May 12, 2020The “So What?” TestShow Your Work! (Book)
May 10, 2020Tawdry subjectsTrue Tales of High Adventure! With Boobs (Bookmark)
May 8, 2020Mort Drucker’s chicken fat
May 8, 2020Ideas manSyd Mead, 86, Maker of Future Worlds in ‘Blade Runner’ and More, Dies (Bookmark)
May 8, 2020UX vandalsThe Vandalisation of ‘UX’ (Bookmark)
May 6, 2020Look at me creatingConsume less, create more (Bookmark)
May 6, 2020Disembodied Sandi ToksvigThe Endless Struggle of the About Page (Bookmark)
Apr 28, 2020Superorganism mindThe mind of an anthill (Bookmark)
Apr 26, 2020Amateur research librariansHow the Blog Broke the Web (Bookmark)
Feb 21, 2020Out of controlMississippi towboats (Bookmark)
Feb 21, 2020Myrmecologist quoteAnt colony memories (Bookmark)
Feb 20, 2020Haunted Victorian Mansions
Feb 20, 2020Remaking remakes of remakesPeter Thiel: Back to the Future (Bookmark)
Feb 7, 2020Grain elevators and a sense of communityCanadian ‘prairie castles’ (Bookmark)
Feb 7, 2020Molten rock riversArtificial Mountains (Bookmark)
Feb 6, 2020Scale tricks for inking
Feb 6, 2020Brunetti on photocopyingCartooning: Philosophy and Practice (Book)
Jan 31, 2020Robert Eggers on making “The Lighthouse”
Jan 18, 2020Clowes on “The Modern Cartoonist”
Jan 18, 2020Creative work is good for the soul
Jan 12, 2020Imposing structure on artThe Guardian interviews Chris Ware (Bookmark)
Jan 9, 2020Panter on finesse
Dec 7, 2019Sister Corita’s Tree
Aug 31, 2019CS Alert
Aug 3, 2019Fraser Speirs on iPads in School
Jul 20, 2019Where no engines can shift my perspective
Jul 20, 2019Frank Chimero on work
May 28, 2018Wot I Think: Burly Men at Sea
May 28, 2018Burly Men at Sea review
May 28, 2018Why adventure games suck
May 28, 2018Takacs on children’s multimedia
May 28, 2018Marsh on contemporary digital cultures
May 28, 2018Yuill & Martin on children in ‘head-down’ position
May 28, 2018Flewitt on iPad use
May 28, 2018Yuill on shared e-books
May 28, 2018Yuill & Martin on dyadic synchronal posturing
May 23, 2018Flewitt on cultural artefacts
May 23, 2018Cahill & McGill-Franzen on trans-literacy