Carl Rustung


Website spring cleaning

Redesigning the website again. This time I’m dealing with my posting anxiety and deteriorating memory, so I’ve added some new ways to post stuff and started on a personal knowledge base.

I ate’nt dead

Making excuses for not having updated this thing since August and rambling about creative cycles in the process.


No new drawings this week either, but all the more bugs, crows and comic books.

Road Trip ’19

Drove Norway coast-to-coast to see some friends, a brisk 6–7 hour drive from Drammen to Bergen.

Burning down the house

I’ve only gone and done it again! Started the website from skratch! Yee-haw, nobody gives a crap! Here, have some links.


Asperitas clouds

Took a photo of these weird, “upside down” clouds recently:

The apocalypse arrives, there goes the neighborhood. (Shot from my balcony.)

Did some googling, and found out about “our newest cloud type”, the Asperitas. Then found this stunning (and kinda scary) time-lapse. It looks just like underwater footage of waves breaking!


Pestered my partner M with a pair of binoculars recently, pointing at the night sky going: “holy MOLY that’s JUPITER and you can see four of its MOONS and they’re all in a ROW! Don’t go to bed yet, you gotta SEE this!” Thanks to this handy moon guide, I now know we saw Ganymede, Callisto, Io and Europa, and can also bother M with: “WHOA did you know there are TWO HUNDRED AND THREE MOONS in our solar system!?”