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Friday links: Creativity and boredom

Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson, man!) on creativity as a design for life, a mini-documentary about MYST, how “The Lighthouse” was filmed and how the ways we deal with boredom has changed over the last couple of centuries.



Robert Eggers on making “The Lighthouse”

The atmosphere comes first. The period came when I started to do a little bit of research. I wanted to make a lighthouse movie and I assumed that I was going to set it in the 19th century. I was thinking the 1820s or 1840s might be interesting because I like that period aesthetic – it’s a little bit less industrial.

But I wanted to have the foghorn and I wanted to have the Fresnel lens [an invention allowing light from a lighthouse to be visible over greater distances] in the story, so that was going to place me in the 1890s. Those things were too iconic and important. That foghorn just says ‘lighthouse’, while the Fresnel lens is a gorgeous thing… it almost looks like a spaceship. There’s got to be a mystery in there.