No new drawings this week either, but all the more bugs, crows and comic books.

Our daughter brought home some kind of stomach bug last weekend, this time it was my turn in the guest room with my head down a bucket. Not the best cure for the current “creative winter”, didn’t start a new drawing streak this week.

Had my last week in the publishing business, leaving an interesting year and a lot of great people. Managed to avoid any giant cock-ups until the very last hours, when a software bug (or human error, let’s be honest) corrupted my main workfile; a few months’ worth of work was suddenly inaccessible, and all I could do was panic and curse myself for not keeping proper backups. Looked like it was fixable, but I had to just leave it to my colleagues and the small gods of data recovery. An absolute wet fart of a departure, but hey, at least the next job looks promising.


Consume less, create more

Inspiring article by Tom Cleveland about the effect of plugging away at creative endeavors, one small bit at a time, and how it adds up.

1 note

Crows love cheeseburgers. And now they’re getting high cholesterol.

Crows have a remarkable ability to adapt to urban environments, so a bunch of researchers “supplemented the diet of a crow population in rural Clinton, New York, with a high-cholesterol human food, cheeseburgers” to see what would happen. Chubby, happy crows, that’s what

Hamill Industries’ time-lapse video for Floating Points’ track Last Bloom

Classy electronica with a stunning music video, all done with practical effects. Good, trippy stuff.

How Gerald Ratner lost $10B in 10 seconds

The rise and fall of a jewelry giant, and how its founder lost his fortune over a “funny ’cos it’s true” joke. This article explains “doing a Ratner”: “any time someone says something stupid that undermines his or her own product or customers — something that tends to play out more often than it should.”

CS Alert (1890)

This week in WWI history, the story of a little ship with a big impact on the war.

CS Alert, or HMTS Alert, was a cable-laying ship that had a significant role in World War I. [...] At the outbreak of World War I, Alert was immediately dispatched to cut German telegraph cables in the English Channel, seriously damaging Germany's ability to securely communicate with the rest of the world.

New drawings books about drawings

My colleagues pitched in on a little going-away present: a gift card at Oslo’s finest book store, Tronsmo. It’s one of those stores where you have to look hard to find the unexciting titles, complete with basement comics department and archetypal “comics department guy”. Tronsmo were having their yearly yard sale this week, too, so I got to cross a handful off the wishlist: