Carl Rustung

Drove Norway coast-to-coast to see some friends, a brisk 6–7 hour drive from Drammen to Bergen.

It’s an exciting drive through forests, over moorland and down steep valleys. Skyrim, basically, but with a lot of camper vans. Our impatient toddler demanded we stop for the night about halfway there, we spent the rest of the journey armed with raisins, plush toys and “Little Princess” running continously on an old iPad. (Not getting that theme song out of our heads anytime soon.)

The Hardanger glacier (that’s Hoth, Star Wars fans) in the background, shot from our room at Fagerheim on Hardangervidda.

Went full tourist once in Bergen and strolled, with two strollers, to and through the narrow streets of Sandviken, elbowed our way across Bryggen, then took a bus to the Aquarium. Fun day, but exhausting – our host described it as “a bit like a good day at IKEA”.

The little one stares down a fish.


Didn’t get to read half as much as I intended, but got my 64 unread pinboardbookmarks down to 28. Here are a few highlights, in no particular order:

Stumbled upon an online discussion about bad drawings of bicycles, and how it turns out people have a really hard time drawing one from memory. Then it turned up on the Baby Geniuses podcast, who asked their listeners to send them their own bike drawings. Finally, there’s Gianluca Gimini’s Velocipedia, a collection of gorgeous 3D-renderings of amateur bike doodles.


I ate’nt dead

Making excuses for not having updated this thing since August and rambling about creative cycles in the process.


No new drawings this week either, but all the more bugs, crows and comic books.

Burning down the house

I’ve only gone and done it again! Started the website from skratch! Yee-haw, nobody gives a crap! Here, have some links.