Lunar eclipse week

Spent the week at our summer house in Sandefjord, celebrated my fathers 77th birthday and got a rare visit from my older sister and badass nieces.

Went to a funfair with the family, scared our toddler on a carousel, won some tacky prizes and had a blast (and some bruises) on the bumper cars.

The night sky’s been interesting lately, with the July 16th lunar eclipse, great views of Jupiter and Saturn, and recurring, visible fly-bys by the International Space Station. We were messing around with Sky Guide, when suddenly ISS appeared on-screen. Checked the real sky and got our minds blown by a little, glowing space station shooting past.

Lunar eclipse, shot from our vantage point in Sandefjord, Norway.

My “to read”-list only grew longer this week, but with all the moon-stuff going on  (Apollo 11’s 50th anniversary coinciding with the eclipse and all), there were a bunch of moon-related stories in my news reader. Very much enjoyed these two:

How NASA Chose The Camera That Went To The Moon

Stunning photos from the Apollo missions, and the story of how the Hasselblads were “astronaut-proofed”.

“Imagine trying to fit inside an industrial washing machine and taking a photo through the window upside down,” explains Rise. “It's hard to look through the viewfinder when you're in such a tight space.”

Auden’s Grumpy Moon Landing Poem

Not everyone was up in arms about the moon being “invaded” and “exploited for television”.

Worth going to see? I can well believe it.
Worth seeing? Mneh! I once rode through a desert
        and was not charmed: give me a watered
        lively garden, remote from blatherers

about the New, the von Brauns and their ilk, where
on August mornings I can count the morning
        glories where to die has a meaning,
        and no engine can shift my perspective.

Bye, free time

Tried Erik Rood’s depressing free time calculator. Says I only have four years of free time left in my life, the rest is sleep, chores and work. Not the best timing, trying to enjoy a work-free summer vacation, suddenly freaking out about bullshit jobs and the ludic life and “I should have spent more time at the library with my sketchbook.”

I read once that hunting and gathering societies only work about 20 hours a week. Learning that got under my skin really bad. Wednesday is just as much a part of your life as Saturday, but you have to remind people of that. [...] My life is going to be filled with just as many Wednesdays as Saturdays, and I would like to claim more than 2/7ths of my life for myself, thanks.