Lunar eclipse week

Spent the week at our summer house in Sandefjord, celebrated my father’s 77th birthday and got a rare visit from my older sister and badass nieces.

Went to a funfair with the family, scared our toddler on a carousel, won some tacky prizes and had a blast (and some bruises) on the bumper cars.

The night sky’s been interesting lately, with the July 16th lunar eclipse, great views of Jupiter and Saturn, and recurring, visible fly-bys by the International Space Station. We were messing around with Sky Guide, when suddenly ISS appeared on-screen. Checked the real sky and got our minds blown by a little, glowing space station shooting past.

Lunar eclipse, shot from our vantage point in Sandefjord, Norway.


My “to read”-list only grew longer this week, but with all the moon-stuff going on (Apollo 11’s 50th anniversary coinciding with the eclipse and all), there were a bunch of moon-related stories in my news reader. Very much enjoyed these two

Auden’s Grumpy Moon Landing Poem

Not everyone was up in arms about the moon being “invaded” and “exploited for television”.

Worth going to see? I can well believe it.
Worth seeing? Mneh! I once rode through a desert
and was not charmed: give me a watered
lively garden, remote from blatherers

about the New, the von Brauns and their ilk, where
on August mornings I can count the morning
glories where to die has a meaning,
and no engine can shift my perspective.