Carl Rustung

I like having my Instagram pics automatically posted to my, but OwnYourGram stopped working, so I set up Zapier to do it for me instead.

I recently did a little site update where I connected it to my and syndicated the posts here., in turn, picked up my Instagram posts, routing them over here as well. This was done using a cool, little service called OwnYourGram.

Though a brilliant (and free!) initiative, it didn’t work very well. It was hard to keep track of just when it would reroute my pics, and the other day it stopped working completely. The error message was kinda vague, so I have no idea who’s to blame – might be OwnYourGram, might be might be me.

Anyway, I’d recently set up Zapier to tell Netlify to update my site whenever I’d posted something new to, so I thought I’d check if it could also do my Instagram sharing for me. Turns out it could!

Here’s how:

  1. Set up a new access token for Zapier in your account settings.
  2. Make a new Zap. Choose Instagram for your Trigger App and trigger the zap on “New Media Posted in My Account”.
  3. Connect your Instagram account.
  4. Select a sample post. Don’t know if it matters much which post you choose, but I guess the point is to use a sample that contains everything you want to re-route. If you want Zapier to publish both your picture and your caption, it’s probably best to use a sample that contains both.
  5. Add “Webhooks” for you Action step, and select the POST request.
  6. Use as the URL and “Form” as the Payload Type
  7. Under Data, you’re going to need 4 key-value pairs:
    • h:  entry (literally, write “entry”)
    • access_token: [your access token from step 1]
    • photo: “Images Standard Resolution URL” from the Instagram app (via the little button at the right side of the value input)
    • content: “Caption Text” from the Instagram app
  8. Leave the rest of the inputs alone, and click Continue.
  9. Click the “Send Test...”-button, and your sample Instagram post should appear on your timeline.

Easy peasy!