Carl Rustung

Hot week

Sweltering days for a Norwegian summer, but it’s against the law to complain about it, so I won’t.

Instead, let me list the good stuff: long baths in the sea (almost no jellyfish), barbecue bonanza family dinners, digging in the sand, a wild hare in the garden, watching our toddler go apeshit in the kiddie pool.

I even got to spend the last weekend of my vacation all alone, more or less squandering it on a sun lounger with the radio and a stack of magazines.


Oh, the human city

Read a chilling article, in the heat, about the even hotter New Delhi.

When there is no plan for change, people have only two choices: either you leave or you embrace a seasonal amnesia. Until the early winter smog, or the next unbearable heatwave, forces Delhi to remember what it feels like to breathe, and choke, on air that sets your lungs on fire.

Then there’s this: “Heatwave: think it’s hot in Europe? The human body is already close to thermal limits elsewhere

Also, who reads the kind of science fiction stories where the wealthy few have escaped into “techno-eco-utopias”, leaving a filthy dustbowl planet for the rest of the population, and goes: “fucking brilliant, fetch me an architect”? Greed and short-sightedness on an amazing scale: ‘The next era of human progress’: what lies behind the global new cities epidemic?

While once we dug down to extract value from the earth, the bristling glass towers of these new urban enclaves are the inverted mineshafts of today – complete with equally damaging side effects.

Hitmen For Destiny

On a lighter note, I’ve been enjoying this classic webcomic by Øyvind Thorsby, a farcical comedy about destiny, biology and getting into trouble.