Friday links: World building

Best Movie posters of 2019, how games are made and what goes into making a fantasy world.

Movie posters of the year 2019

Daniel Benneworth-Gray’s selection of the best movie posters from last year.

If this year’s film posters have a common thread, it’s that illustration, once sidelined in favour of Photoshop-ery, is now right back at the forefront of poster design.

Adrienne Law on making something digital feel physical

Always interesting to see how games are made, this time it’s a look at “Assemble with Care” by Ustwo Games (of “Monument Valley” fame). Totally in love with how the game looks.

Alone in the Dark

Remember reading rave reviews of “Alone in the Dark” when I was 8, can’t believe it’s almost 30 years old! Loved this write-up about its conception, Jimmy Maher’s “The Digital Antiquarian” is full of these excellent stories.

The Perfect Planet: Comics, Games and World-Building

Insightful essay by Daniel Horrocks.