Carl Rustung

Who needs vanity license plates? Trust me, the hottest online trend this winter is vanity URL-shorteners.

The idea

Currently hooked on making making my own, tiny notebooks. Had great success using one for book notes recently, scribbling in the book’s margins and taking notes in the booklet. Thought I’d try the same with online articles: read on the screen, take notes on paper.

The problem

Just one snag: I’d like to reference each article by its URL, but it could be really long and a real headache to jot down in a notebook. Then what if I wanted to check out an article referenced in the notebook—I’d have to interpret my scratchings and type the whole URL into the address bar. No thanks.

Apparently, I’m not too lazy to make my own notebook and write in it the old-fashioned way, but long URLs can stick it.

The solution

A bespoke URL-shortener! Vanilla would’ve done just fine, of course, but not for this fancy guy—snagged the domain 1, set up a redirect file on Netlify, and now I reference all the online articles I want via handy shortcodes.

Notes from a couple articles about knight-snail-battles in medieval marginalia. (Links: |

Laziness prevails.


  1. Not a bug: the domain root redirects to this very page. [1]


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