Carl Rustung

Burning down the house

I’ve only gone and done it again! Started the website from skratch! Yee-haw, nobody gives a crap! Here, have some links and sketches.

I’m still trying to get back to blogging, it’s taking me a while to get a feel for what’s worth sharing and not. A lot of the archive wasn’t, so it’s gone! Also, I used to run a static site generator (Hugo, brilliant), and posting stuff took just a smidge too much effort to bother. (I’m lazy.) Decided to treat myself to the excellent Ghost CMS on managed hosting for my 35th birthday.

Updated my diploma essay and brought over the two posts I’ve seen referenced elsewhere, but other than that, this is starting from scratch again. My new ambition is to, at the very least, post a little update with links and drawings once a week. Here’s to the first one!



Took a photo of these weird, “upside down” clouds recently:

The apocalypse arrives, there goes the neighborhood. (Shot from my balcony.)

Did some googling, and found out about “our newest cloud type”, the Asperitas. Then found this stunning (and kinda scary) time-lapse. It looks just like underwater footage of waves breaking!


Love these intricate cardboard sculptures by Daniel Agdag! It’s an aesthetic that hits me right in the heart. For years, I was haunted by images from a children’s book I loved when I was a kid, but I just couldn’t remember the title. Turned out to be the “Séraphin”-books by Philippe Fix, with their fantastic drawings of buildings and machinery – which is exactly what these sculptures remind me of. (Taking notes on proportions and composition.)


Pestered my partner M with a pair of binoculars recently, pointing at the night sky going: “holy MOLY that’s JUPITER and you can see four of its MOONS and they’re all in a ROW! Don’t go to bed yet, you gotta SEE this!” Thanks to this handy moon guide, I now know we saw Ganymede, Callisto, Io and Europa, and can also bother M with: “WHOA did you know there are TWO HUNDRED AND THREE MOONS in our solar system!?”

Wholesome Sigrid

I like Sigrid. First, director Max Siedentopf flipped a massive fail into pure feelgood in her latest music video. Then, from Glastonbury, this heartwarming example of how to treat your fans.


Ableton has always been a front runner for interaction design in music production, but this synthesizer tutorial’s got to be some of their best work yet.


Finished a few spreads that have been unfinished since February. First this collage from “Gatorland” and some alligator studies:

Then another couple of collages/drawings about enjoying the small things in life: skinny dipping and solitude. (Didn’t notice I had a theme going before they were both finished.)

Kind of hung up on comics lately, too. I keep returning to and flipping through Lynda Barry’s “What it Is” and “Syllabus” – there’s always something new in there to inspire. (Like a reference to these drawing tips from Gary Panter.)

This comic spread (also a February late bloomer) sprouted from a random magazine-quote about medical AI:

Silly scientists. (Also: when in doubt, punchline party.)

In my comic fever, I’ve drawn a bunch of empty panel layouts on random sketchbook pages. This one reminded me of window panes, so I thought I’d try drawing a sequence sharing a single view. The “grays visiting in a flying saucer” is a total cliché, but I like how the scenery looks (to my mind) like a Norwegian fjord.

“Evening, ma’m! Do you have a moment to talk about Zñxblcor?”

Learnt a couple of things: the Moleskine paper tolerates a staggering amount of Koi marker colors (not sure if I like ’em in this case, though). Also, erasers rub out markers a little – which can be used to cool effect like the moon’s glow in the image above.


It’s the summer vacation, and we’re driving over the Norwegian mountains to Bergen to visit some friends. Hope we see some flying saucers.