Carl Rustung

Who needs vanity license plates? Trust me, the hottest online trend this winter is vanity URL-shorteners.

Character Jam à la Barry

Was trying to pull off one of Lynda Barry’s class exercises on my own, but it was tricky. Spent an evening hacking together a substitute for friends so I could do a solo “Character Jam”.

Website spring cleaning

Redesigning the website again. This time I’m dealing with my posting anxiety and deteriorating memory, so I’ve added some new ways to post stuff and started on a personal knowledge base.


Rainforest ruins, Mayan sculpture, a Victorian mansion and a Chinese dragon. (Where in the World is Carl - in San Diego?)

Inking timelapse

Inked another panel (twice) and tried shooting an over-the-shoulder time-lapse video.

Newton’s Cradle

Hopping back and forth between digital illustration and hand drawing to get through a complicated drawing. (Spherical reflections are hard.)

Friday links: Creativity and boredom

Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson, man!) on creativity as a design for life, a mini-documentary about MYST, how “The Lighthouse” was filmed and how the ways we deal with boredom has changed over the last couple of centuries.

Inking practice

Busted out a pad of transparent paper to get a feel for the “old-school ways” of making comics and non-digital inking.

Friday links: World building

Best Movie posters of 2019, how games are made and what goes into making a fantasy world.

Comics special

This week I’ve been crazy about comics, cartoonists and eBay shopping.

Week 1: Starting a habit

Still trying to get into the habit of writing weekly summaries of what I’m reading and making.