Rainforest ruins, Mayan sculpture, a Victorian mansion and a Chinese dragon. (Where in the World is Carl - in San Diego?)

 in Banana Yellow Sketchbook

Yet another vertical town, this one in ruins. (Still the same “backgroundy” feel to this, I’ve got to start thinking about foreground and give these drawings some focus.) Looked up some ancient “new world” architecture and art, since I had no idea what I was doing, and tried to copy some Mayan stone heads.

Good couple of weeks for the sketchbook, filled another pair of pages, too:

The victorian gothic house is a 15 min. doodle I made while looking at a Google images, it’s almost how I pictured Hill House when I read the novel.

For the dragon, I used a photo by Zhang Kechun as reference. (Check out his website, the photos are amazing.)