Carl Rustung

Finished a few sketchbook spreads that have been unfinished since February.

First this collage from “Gatorland” and some alligator studies:

Then another couple of collages/drawings about enjoying the small things in life: skinny dipping and solitude. (Didn’t notice I had a theme going before they were both finished.)

Kind of hung up on comics lately, too. I keep returning to and flipping through Lynda Barry’s “What it Is” and “Syllabus” – there’s always something new in there to inspire. (Like a reference to these drawing tips from Gary Panter.)

This comic spread (also a February late bloomer) sprouted from a random magazine-quote about medical AI:

Silly scientists. (Also: when in doubt, punchline party.)

In my comic fever, I’ve drawn a bunch of empty panel layouts on random sketchbook pages. This one reminded me of window panes, so I thought I’d try drawing a sequence sharing a single view. The “greys visiting in a flying saucer” is a total cliché, but I like how the scenery looks (to my mind) like a Norwegian fjord.

“Evening, ma’m! Do you have a moment to talk about Zñxblcor?”

Learnt a couple of things: the Moleskine paper tolerates a staggering amount of Koi marker colors (not sure if I like ’em in this case, though). Also, erasers rub out markers a little – which can be used to cool effect like the moon’s glow in the image above.