Carl Rustung

Have you ever asked yourself: What happens to forgotten gloves left hanging on a tree?

I made some collages. (I usually make these to cover up drawings I don’t care for.) The glove-worm started with a trash page for testing some new pens, onto which I spilled some white-out. Some more white-out was made into a little birch forest, and then I glued a blank panel over the top so I wouldn’t have to draw the tree crowns. Then I got the idea of a giant worm snaking through the trees, so I cut out some paper, glued it in there, and filled in some color. Finally I got an idea for the top panel, which became the worm’s origin story.

The other page just... happened.

Collage doodle dudes. Watercolor markers, glue, white-out and an ad for Turkish Airlines.