Carl Rustung

Catching up

Missed the last weekly update, so this one’s extra long: It’s got Mayan art, victorian architecture, a drawing timelapse video and Mississippi towboats.

Newton’s Cradle

There’s no such thing as “cheating” to get through a complicated drawing, only tools! Whipped out some 3D software to help me with these spherical reflections.

Brush practice

This week: more amateur inking, some old videos, and articles about terraforming, grain elevators, and comics.

Inking practice

A pretty humdrum week, this one: experimenting with drawing, finished a sketchbook page, read some cool interviews with creative people.

Timed drawings

Just started on a 15-week program of creative exercises, taken from a book about cartooning. They range from spontaneous drawing to multi-page comic spreads. This week, I’ve been using a timer.

Rubylith and Zipatone

Daniel Clowes’ “Glossary of obsolete commercial art production techniques” from Fantagraphics’ latest artist edition.

Populating Clamberville

Hand drawing the old fashioned way, on paper and iPad, to populate a city scene.